Wearing a Mask is Pro-Life, Patriotic, and Pro-Economy

Angela Johnson
2 min readMay 27, 2020

If you care about protecting the sanctity of life, you will wear a mask. A mask that covers your nose and mouth prevents your germs from contaminating other people. Those without symptoms are infecting others, so feeling healthy is not a reason to forego a mask.

I wear a mask to protect you, not myself. This is a pro-life action — it protects others’ lives, lives that are as precious to God as an unborn child’s.

On Memorial Day, it was shocking to witness the lack of dedication to preserving American lives. I witnessed it personally at stores around town, and in pictures from around our great nation. When so many men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect America, is the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask too great a sacrifice to preserve other Americans’ lives?

If you believe God created us, you dishonor Him by not doing this small action to protect His creations. If you appreciate the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers, you dishonor them by not adopting this easy habit to protect American lives.

A man supporting our economy, while being pro-life, respectful, and patriotic. Photo by Pavel Anoshin on Unsplash

In addition, our economy will recover many times more quickly if all patrons wear masks when around others: preventing additional disease and death will ensure businesses stay open and will preserve consumers’ lives.

Tens of millions of Americans are apprehensive of going out to spend their money because of all the maskless people and all those not bothering to social distance. Maskless folks are preventing money from entering the economy, compounding their negative impact on the country’s health.

My Purple Heart-earning, WWII-vet grandfather would thank you for keeping our family safe by wearing masks in public. America thanks you for wearing a mask so all shoppers feel safe feeding their money into the local and national economies. And God smiles upon you when you show respect for all his human creations by wearing a mask when around others.



Angela Johnson

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