Pre-perjury? Senators Announce Plans to Violate Oath

Angela Johnson
2 min readDec 17, 2019


You have to hand it to Mitch McConnell and Lyndsey Graham.

Hitting a benchmark unseen before, they’ve found a way to pre-perjure themselves for next month’s impeachment trial.

Now that’s impressive. Talk about planning ahead.

McConnell, like all senators a juror in the impeachment trial, has committed to working with the White House, teaming up with Trump’s counsel to coordinate their (Republican senators’ and the White House’s) unified strategy for the impeachment hearing.


Since when do jurors assign a verdict prior to a hearing, and then meet with the defendant to see how they can assist him?

Graham, too, has said he’s “not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here.”

Hmmm. In any other courtroom in the country, these two would be removed form the jury immediately, making this just one more example of how Donald Trump continues to evade accountability and “normal” consequences for his erratic, childish, and criminal behavior.

Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash

So, will McConnell and Graham allow themselves to be sworn in with the following ceremonial words? “I do solemnly swear…I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws. So help me God.”

If so, immediate perjury? They’ve already admitted they’re not interested in hearing whether the Constitution or the law has been violated.

They’ve heard enough. They know in good conscience they cannot defend the President’s actions, and so they choose to tell us now, clearly and unapologetically, that they will be ignoring the substance of the trial in defense of tribalism.

To a tribe that is becoming meaner, less ethical, more delusional, and less civil by the month. A tribe led by a back-stabbing narcissist who demands loyalty but withholds it from all.

Many Republican lawmakers have about-faced in their initial instincts and criticism of Trump to join those on-call for his latest whim, and many have implied they do so to protect themselves from the President’s social media poison. Is this really the price of integrity now? Selling out to avoid your name in some tweets?

It is disheartening — nay, terrifying — to witness. I pray that other senators take their oath to uphold the Constitution and the law more seriously. So help them God.

I pray: God, so help us all.



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