Will Republican Senators Be the Titanic to Trump’s Iceberg?

Angela Johnson
3 min readJan 9, 2020

I urge you to solemnly uphold the oath of being an impartial juror in the impeachment trial and to strongly advise Senator McConnell to require additional pertinent witnesses.

Without witnesses and committing to impartiality, the Republican Party blasphemes the system of checks and balances that safeguards our democracy and prevents it from slipping further towards an oligarchy or a plutocracy.

Over the past few years, I have seen the Republican Party’s integrity and civility ebb gravely. We all knew Donald Trump was a rogue player; but I’ve seen an increasing number of GOP Congressmen and -women employ some of his same lowbrow tactics and distasteful methods of discourse, and am becoming more and more concerned by the extreme — and widening — gap between the principles of the GOP now and the Party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Are Republicans seriously willing to gamble the entire party on the whims and Twitter account of one single man? A man who has not demonstrated the Christian values held dear by many conservatives (and liberals), and often not even good, solid, traditional American values?

All eggs in one basket? The basket is broken, and the eggs need to be dispersed for safety’s sake.

The majority of Americans feel this way. Why don’t you, GOP Senator? Photo by LS d’Avalonia on Unsplash

We need a fair and impartial impeachment trial that includes the others involved. We need to find out the truth, rather than stick to an unbecoming and sycophantic denial strategy.

If there is nothing to hide — and here I would urge you to single out President Trump as one man and the party as another entity, because the party (or very nearly every member of it) does not have anything to hide — then there is simply NO REASON not to engage in a fair and thorough trial.

Blocking witnesses and refusing to cooperate with the elected leaders of our country speaks guilt by volumes. If the witnesses would exonerate Trump, why won’t you let them?

Why won’t you defend yourselves against A) the Democrats if you do have sufficient evidence to disprove the articles of impeachment, which so far I haven’t seen, or B) President Trump, if he is guilty and seeking to sink the Republican ship along with himself?

GOP Senators, don’t forget the dangers of myopia. Photo by Nick Jio on Unsplash

So far, I’m seeing many GOP lawmakers clinging to the President’s narrative at all costs, and it is indeed a costly position, as we’ve seen where many of his colleagues, confidants, and former hires are now. Disfavor at best, prison at worst. A lowly prize for loyalty to one who has none to spare in return.

Please do not perjure yourself if you do not feel you will be able to be an impartial juror in the upcoming impeachment trial. It seems recusal would be in order for many who have spoken publicly thus far about their partiality, and even coordination with the accused, including Sens. McConnell and Graham.

To preserve the integrity of Congress and to protect our democracy, please, please, require additional witnesses like Bolton, Pompeo, Giuliani, Mulvaney, and others involved so the full picture can be revealed. Require that the full telephone call be provided for review.

If you have to choose, please be loyal to America and us its citizens rather to the President. That is how our system of checks and balances works.

You owe this to America, to Americans, and to the history and future of our Great Nation.

Thank you for your right action, your service, and your dedication to our three-branch government.

God Bless You and Keep You,



Angela Johnson

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