I’ve finally found the CBD product that works. And it’s delicious.

After trying a dozen products ranging from tinctures to flower to capsules, with inconsistent or even no results…eureka!! It’s sweet; can be used without smoking, swallowing a pill, or taking a bitter tincture; and can be titrated up or down almost infinitely to reach the perfect amount for the desired effect.

You’ve likely seen CBD products popping up everywhere, from Bed Bath and Beyond to your local food co-op. Let the buyer beware: like other supplements in the United States, CBD products are not monitored or tested by the…

President Trump has likened our fight against Covid-19 to a war. And in many ways the analogy works.

The death toll surely rings of wartime losses, as we’ve now surpassed the total American lives lost from 23 years of foreign wars fought in Vietnam and Korea.

Remember the brave servicemen who fought in Vietnam because they were directed to by their government? And remember those who spat upon them when they returned, for doing the duty their country required of them — regardless of its convenience or even whether they were fully on board with the United States’ intervention?


[originally published June 2, 2020]

UPDATE: On January 6, 2021, thousands of angry, far-right Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol. So far, five people are dead. Rioters constructed a gallows (complete with hanging noose) outside the building, others carried guns, zip-ties, pepper spray, tear gas, molotov cocktails, and other devices suggesting altercations and violence were part of their plan. At least three explosive devices were planted and recovered by authorities.

Most Capitol police were surely adhering to their commitment to protect the Capitol and legislators.

Yet, numerous videos show Capitol police allowing and even encouraging rioters. Videos show: police opening…

If you care about protecting the sanctity of life, you will wear a mask. A mask that covers your nose and mouth prevents your germs from contaminating other people. Those without symptoms are infecting others, so feeling healthy is not a reason to forego a mask.

I wear a mask to protect you, not myself. This is a pro-life action — it protects others’ lives, lives that are as precious to God as an unborn child’s.

On Memorial Day, it was shocking to witness the lack of dedication to preserving American lives. I witnessed it personally at stores around town…

Joining the rest of corporate culture, food companies are giving more to their shareholders and C-suite execs, and less to you.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed that the American dream is becoming more and more elusive. Practically to the point of extinction.

It’s harder and harder to get ahead. Mortgages take a vastly higher percentage of our income than a generation ago. Our parents and grandparents could earn money from savings accounts, a virtually obsolete benefit now. College is way more expensive, leaving many with crippling debt. Health care costs are through the roof. Pensions…

A few weeks ago, an Iowa man accused Joe Biden of landing son Hunter a lucrative job with a Ukrainian company, and thereby abusing Biden’s at-the-time position of Vice President.

I was initially glad when Biden took him to task and stood up for himself, since it was obvious from this man’s tone that he wasn’t asking for clarification but rather reproaching Biden with a narrative previously and repeatedly dis-proven.

But my stomach dropped when Biden’s exchange with this man eroded to “Look, Fat, here’s the deal…” Oh, Joe. That’s just wrong and regrettable on so many levels. …

I urge you to solemnly uphold the oath of being an impartial juror in the impeachment trial and to strongly advise Senator McConnell to require additional pertinent witnesses.

Without witnesses and committing to impartiality, the Republican Party blasphemes the system of checks and balances that safeguards our democracy and prevents it from slipping further towards an oligarchy or a plutocracy.

Over the past few years, I have seen the Republican Party’s integrity and civility ebb gravely. We all knew Donald Trump was a rogue player; but I’ve seen an increasing number of GOP Congressmen and -women employ some of his…

You have to hand it to Mitch McConnell and Lyndsey Graham.

Hitting a benchmark unseen before, they’ve found a way to pre-perjure themselves for next month’s impeachment trial.

Now that’s impressive. Talk about planning ahead.

McConnell, like all senators a juror in the impeachment trial, has committed to working with the White House, teaming up with Trump’s counsel to coordinate their (Republican senators’ and the White House’s) unified strategy for the impeachment hearing.


Since when do jurors assign a verdict prior to a hearing, and then meet with the defendant to see how they can assist him?

Graham, too…

Trump has publicly announced — on the world stage — that he believes Vladimir Putin over the United States Intelligence organizations.

President Trump withdrew the troops aiding our allies in Syria, allowing Russia easier access to Syrian land Putin desired.

Trump criminally withheld nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine, money Ukraine needs to defend itself from active attack by Russia. Thus, OUR President assisted war efforts by Russia on a US ally and a fledgling democracy.

Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election — through widespread media blitzes of misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric — has been undeniably proven.

Angela Johnson

Writer for hire, for fun, and from the necessity of untangling my thoughts. The adage I cling to lately is "the first 40 years of childhood are the hardest."

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